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Physician-Ordered Treatments

Our caregivers can provide treatments and procedures ordered by a client’s doctor. These tasks include giving injections and medication, drawing blood, changing catheters (drips), giving enemas (suppositories), tube feeding, wound care and limited IV therapy. Malaika’s caregivers can usually administer any task that is taken care of in a hospital.

Check Medication

Not only do our caregivers administer medication, they can also ensure the proper dosage is being administered. They review the medication and educate clients about the prescription. Our caregivers can organize pills for the week in pill bins, according to the doctor’s directive.

Complete Client Assessment

Our team is able to gain insight into a client’s condition by observing and periodically measuring vital signs and symptoms. We maintain medical records electronically and can see any changes in a client’s vitals that may warrant further medical attention. Malaika can also provide additional assessments to confirm readings.

Maintain Medical Equipment

Our caregivers can use equipment that is usually used in a hospital as well as be responsible for its upkeep. They run and maintain all the medical equipment ranging from blood pressure gauges to G-tubes. Our caregivers make sure everything is clean and in proper working order.

Take Care Of Sanitary Needs

Our caregivers can be responsible for the personal needs of clients. Especially important for incapacitated patients, the caregivers can take care of personal hygiene-bathing, feeding, and keeping the bed clean. We can be responsible for the well-being of our client on a daily basis.

Take Care Of Physiotherapy Needst

Our caregivers can be responsible for the physiotherapy needs of a client to whom a doctor advises physiotherapy along with other similar treatment


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