Services We Provide

Basic Care (4-8 Hours Daily)

Basic Care (4-8 Hours Daily)

  • Daily vitals check including:

    • Blood pressure

    • Oxygen levels

    • Temperature

  • Blood glucose finger stick check (as needed)

  • Communication with client physician (as needed)

  • Companionship

  • Ensure client safety

Intermediate Care (8-12 Hours Daily)

Intermediate Care (8-12 Hours Daily)

  • Basic Nursing Care PLUS

  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

  • Client mobility (such as bed to wheelchair or wheelchair to bathroom)

  • Physiotherapy including range-of-motion exercises

  • Assist in feeding and drinking

  • Assist incontinent with all bathroom needs

  • Daily strolls (where and when possible)

Comprehensive Care (24/7)

Comprehensive Care (24/7)

  • Intermediate Nursing Care PLUS

  • Daily wound dressing of pressure ulcers (bedsores)

  • 24-hour repositioning in bed to prevent skin breakdown

  • G-tube feeding and ensuring patency of G-tube

  • Management and changing of catheter and urinary drainage bag

Supplemental Services



  • Provide Health Advice and Promote Healthy Eating

  • Advise about Special Diets

  • Establish and Address key health Needs

  • Help to facilitate dietary changes

  • Support the work of other healthcare professionals



  • Work with client to perform exercises as recommended by physician

  • Increase flexibility of muscles and joints

  • Massage and stretch muscles and joints as needed

  • Use muscle stimulation devices

  • Encourage activities like proper posture and stretching