Malaika Health forms partnership with Innovarx

Malaika Health forms partnership with Innovarx

Malaika Health is pleased to announce its partnership with Innovarx Global Health (IGH) on January 31, 2021. IGH was formed to become the premier clinical services and technology solutions company in Africa. Formed out of a dire necessity for innovative approaches to the delivery of healthcare, IGH serves as a bridge between modern healthcare solutions and affordable access locally, enabling wide-spread access to quality and affordable care to all Gambians and subsequently, surrounding West African Nations.
“This partnership aims to provide IGH with a provider of extended home healthcare services to complement IGH’s service offering. Concurrently, Malaika will leverage IGH’s technology and human capital to continue to provide care longer term care for IGH’s clients”, said Ismail Badgie, Founder & CEO of IGH.

Ms. Esi Lewis, a USA Registered Nurse (RN) and CEO of Malaika stated, “The true winner in this partnership is clients of both IGH and Malaika. They can now rely on IGH and Malaika to deliver a comprehensive suite of healthcare services through world class technology, which will be new to many areas in the Africa sub-region”.

About Innovarx Global Health (IGH)

Innovarx Global Health LTD (IGH) is a business-to-business (B2B) solutions and Business to Customer (B2C) provider formed to become the premier clinical services and technology solutions company in The Gambia.

Registered and headquartered in Charlotte, NC USA, IGH established its first franchise in The Gambia in 2019 in future prospects of franchising in other West African countries. Innovarx Global Health LTD has paved the way for a first of its kind modern and innovative approach to healthcare management in times when there is a growing need and demand for services aimed at effectively managing non-communicable diseases and nationwide access to quality medication.

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About Malaika Health

Malaika Health is an Africa-based home healthcare provider focused on delivering high quality and comprehensive care for the elderly as well as those in need of assistance with “Activities of Daily Living” (ADLs) in their homes and communities.

Malaika began operations in 2018 and has cared for numerous clients over the years. With our highly trained nurses and caregivers, Malaika focuses on a holistic approach to home healthcare. Our mission is to be the best provider of home healthcare services in the Africa and to fill a void in the continent’s healthcare service sector. We aim to do this with a sharp focus on quality, humanity, and privacy.

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